Food Movement

It is important to keep in mind certain diets when planning a food menu for an event. It is very difficult to cater to all of them while staying within a budget. People are taking an interest in certain aspects of food, from the locavore movement where food is only grown or produced within a certain mileage range of where they live to the movement of organic and natural, the slow food movement or the raw food movement.

About 10 percent of the population feels strongly about buying organic and natural. Another 10 percent buy organic and natural occasionally and the other 80 percent are conventional food consumers.

With that information in mind, a food menu can be easily designed to match the 80% consumer level and know that you are satisfying most consumers. At DCCH, we can accommodate a special dietary need if we are given some notice to plan and prepare the dish. And we can make adjustments to our menu items for a vegetarian.

It is always best to put together a group menu that accommodates those who want a vegetarian menu. According to the Food and Health Survey, 89% surveyed said taste was the most important, 71% price of the menu item, 64% healthfulness and 56% for convenience and 36% said sustainability was important when they made a decision to buy foods and beverages at a hotel.


My stay was delightful and very relaxing and staff were very welcoming. Thanks for everything.
Marry Ribben
“I hosted an event for work at the Decatur Conference Center & Hotel and was very impressed with the professionalism of the staff and the quality of the food provided by catering. I hope to host future events at your facility.” – Kim Mangan
Kim Mangan
Thank you so much for a wonderful stay and for taking such good care of the team, coaches, and support staff this past weekend. The trip went very smooth and the team had their first victory over Millikin in 40+ years! We really appreciate your hard work and wanted to extend our sincere appreciation to you and your staff that made everything possible. Thank you again for your hospitality.
Lauren Cavallaro
My stay at the Decatur Conference Center was one of the best stays I have had in my many travels throughout the Midwest.  Thank You!
Irene Paliomentro
I enjoyed working with you last December on our Christmas Party for the BLET. You are very professional and your staff did a wonderful job.Everyone at the party said the food and JR’s was great!We are looking forward to having the party again there this year.
Toni Cusanelli
I just want to say THANK YOU for everything. I thought the meetings went really well, the guests seemed to enjoy their rooms and stay, the food was fabulous, and we were well taken care of if we needed something. We didn’t have to want or wait on anything!! I have to admit I was very impressed!
Becky Garrett
Your hotel is one of the best I have ever visited! Thanks for making my stay super awesome. I would surely recommend you guys.
Mark Anthony