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Expedia: Consumers Want Mobile and Last Minute Booking Ability

Mobile is the fastest growing booking channel for global online travel agent giant Expedia, and the company advises hoteliers to pay close attention this year to optimizing their mobile presence to better facilitate booking. The company is banking on consumer

What Are the 2013 Restaurant Food Trends?

Bacon in all types of recipes and food dishes. Ethnic inspired breakfast food items. Vegetarian appetizers. Bite Size hors d’oeuvres. Whole-wheat noodles and pasta such as buckwheat. Homemade ice cream. Locally grown meats and seafood. Gourmet lemonade, organic coffee, special

Reception Snacks

A new trend occurring for wedding receptions is the late night snack. Your guests have been socializing, dancing and maybe had a few drinks. The party is still going strong for many of your guests but dinner was hours ago.

Sustainable Programs Start With Staff

Sustainability trends are not limited to hotels, with guest frequently trying to live their lives in a sustainable manner as well. Because of this, guests can sometimes be receptive to changes in hotel operations that could benefit the environment. “As

Fruit Carving Began When?

The origins of vegetable carving are disputed: many people believe it to have begun in Sukothai, Thailaind 700 years ago, while others believe that vegetable carving originated in the time of the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-906) and the Sung Dynasty(AD 960-1279) in China. Or

Break Away From The Norm and Get Creative

Make your guests take a step back and WOW over your creative reception set-up by adding variety and visual appeal.  Those eight foot banquet tables aren’t just for your head table.  Put two of them together, long-ends touching.  Try using

Business After Hours


We’re hosting the Greater Decatur Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours on Thursday, June 27, 2013 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm in the Big Backyard! Play sand volleyball, basketball, disc golf and more! Have fun and experience our 100,000 sq ft

Congratulations! You’re engaged!

Now what? You are now onto the fun months ahead of all of the wedding planning excitement! Here is a list of eight things to do first after you get the ring. 1.Call your relatives and friends. Pick up the

Mobile Devices

“When you consider who is using mobile, you have to separate tablet use from phone use,” said Nigel Pocklington, CMO of “Phone use is for people looking for a booking close in, while tablets on the other hand are

Boneless Chicken Wings Take Over

“Overall chicken sales experienced healthy sales growth of about four percent during the first quarter of 2013, resulting in chicken wings being one of the top gainers in share of the food category sales in full serve restaurants during the

“I hosted an event for work at the Decatur Conference Center & Hotel and was very impressed with the professionalism of the staff and the quality of the food provided by catering. I hope to host future events at your facility.” – Kim Mangan
Kim Mangan
Thank you so much for a wonderful stay and for taking such good care of the team, coaches, and support staff this past weekend. The trip went very smooth and the team had their first victory over Millikin in 40+ years! We really appreciate your hard work and wanted to extend our sincere appreciation to you and your staff that made everything possible. Thank you again for your hospitality.
Lauren Cavallaro
I just want to say THANK YOU for everything. I thought the meetings went really well, the guests seemed to enjoy their rooms and stay, the food was fabulous, and we were well taken care of if we needed something. We didn’t have to want or wait on anything!! I have to admit I was very impressed!
Becky Garrett
I enjoyed working with you last December on our Christmas Party for the BLET. You are very professional and your staff did a wonderful job.Everyone at the party said the food and JR’s was great!We are looking forward to having the party again there this year.
Toni Cusanelli
Your hotel is one of the best I have ever visited! Thanks for making my stay super awesome. I would surely recommend you guys.
Mark Anthony
My stay at the Decatur Conference Center was one of the best stays I have had in my many travels throughout the Midwest.  Thank You!
Irene Paliomentro
My stay was delightful and very relaxing and staff were very welcoming. Thanks for everything.
Marry Ribben