General Manager


Donna Wickersham, our General Manager, has been in the hospitality industry for 37 years and has decades of hands on experience in her chosen field, working in every department within a hotel at one time or another in her career.  A recipient of the Illinois Hotel and Lodging Association's 'Manager of the Year' Award as well as several other industry awards, she has worked at hotels from coast to coast with her smallest property being only 51 rooms and the largest having over 1100. Donna has a proven track record of success and oversees all departments within the hotel; a skilled strategist for all things hospitality, she is an asset to our company and has been in Illinois and with Horve Hospitality, LLC for the past 8 years, as she was anxious to get back to her home state. Donna believes that the heart of the lodging industry is making guests feel welcome and in exceeding expectations to ensure a fantastic, overall experience. 'I've learned over the years that as technical as this industry has become, the core of it remains the same: making people feel valued is what matters the most." Donna is married and has four children and six grandchildren.